Anniversary of cooperation between MAN and D-Trans Company, leading carrier in the field of long-range transportations.

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Anniversary of cooperation between MAN and D-Trans Company, leading carrier in the field of long-range transportations.

170421_MAN_D_Trans_10_years_01~1_width_360_height_270.jpgReliable and economic TGX-series tractor units with a wide cab and two sleeping places are leaders of the MAN family. These trucks are intended for work on long-haul routes and, taking into account key features of long haul traffic, provide maximum efficiency, performance and safety. The owner of MAN TGX gets a first-class truck, and the driver - a comfortable environment for work and leisure. The workplace inside the cabin is ergonomic and provides access to all the functions of the truck at arm's length, and equipping of other areas of the cabin allows placing luggage and personal items, as well as arranging convenient space during leisure hours. In addition to other advantages, the German Technical Supervision Commission has repeatedly recognized MAN cars as the most reliable: it has been proved that the technical readiness ratio for both new and five-year MAN cars is higher than for competitors.

The basis of the transport fleet of the Russian company GC D-Trans is one and a half hundreds of flagship tractor trucks MAN TGX 18.400 and another 150 trucks of MAN of the previous generation, which constitute impressive 70% in the fleet of more than 300 vehicles.

The reliability of MAN is measured in decades, therefore, in the anniversary year of work with MAN TRACK AND BASS RUS, D-Trans decided to update the rolling stock with 50 units of new TGX mainline tractors. More than 30 vehicles have already been shipped to the company and a few dozen are planned for the next months.

Group of Companies "D-Trans" is among the notable players of the trucking industry. The company specializes in international routes and long-distance flights across the Russian Federation. The basic directions of activity are cooperating with car manufacturers and delivering fresh flowers from Europe to Russia.

In operation, D-Trans enjoys all the advantages of a developed service network MAN, consisting of 51 authorized partners in the most significant regions of the country.

Valery Vasilyevich Demchuk, the President of the D-Trans Group, comments: "Ten years ago we started cooperation with MAN as a new customer, and today we consider ourselves to be a real partner of the Russian division of MAN. We trust the reliable and effective technology of the Munich brand and know that in any contingency we will find assistance from one of the authorized service partners of MAN in Russia or Europe. Flexibility of MAN in the search for individual solutions for us is incredibly captivating. I sincerely hope that the 10-year milestone will be the first, but not the last serious mark in the long-term cooperation of our companies."

Pavel Selev, Sales Director of MAN Trucks and Buss RUS LLC, adds: "We highly appreciate the attitude of D-Trans Group of Companies and thank the management of the company for their trust. Cooperation with a company of such level is a great honor and great responsibility. After all, every year we must get better to manage client’s expectations. We are ready to do this, moreover, every day we make promises to do our best for the further development of relations and solution of all issues of transport support for the client's tasks. I am sincerely proud that our cooperation has been retrieved over time. And I congratulate both the D-Trans Group of Companies and all of us on the first serious milestone of cooperation. "


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