We can offer quality logistic services at affordable costs
In terms of cost optimization, it is more efficient to carry out bulk consignments- the so-called general cargoes. This approach allows the cargo owner to reduce transportation costs significantly and simplify the cargo tracking process. In cases where the lot size is small and its shipment within the general cargo is unreasonable, we offer our customers to combine goods into groupage cargoes. Intermodal transportation is transportation of small-sized cargoes of various customers in one direction in one vehicle.


D-Trans Group
  • Acquiring orders for the formation of groupage cargo. Fast accepting of applications from a large stream of customers will expedite shipment;
  • Freight consolidation in the own warehouse;
  • Warehouse processing of goods (packaging, repackaging);
  • Formation of consignments in the directions of delivery;
  • Delivery path routing;
  • Preparation and execution of the necessary accompanying documentation;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Cargo delivery to the bonded warehouse or warehouse of the consignee.

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